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We’re here to do great work, learn from each other, and grow.

Get to know us a little better thanks to our Team Spotlight project on our Youtube channel.

Our values

We live and breathe our values — as individuals, as teams and as a company.

You’re open and honest.

You’re an open book, and you thrive when surrounded by other open books. You crave input and feedback, and use it build the best version of yourself. You also understand the value of returning the favour, doing it little and often.

You take ownership.

You’re a doer, with real confidence in your work. You work hard to bring your ideas to life, and you put your hands up when things go wrong. Self development is your jam, and you know that when you get better, so does Vanilla™.

You're selfless.

A real cheerleader for the pack, you know success is always sweeter when it’s shared. You offer up your knowledge, ideas and insights freely. And your willingness to get your hands dirty inspires those around you to go the extra mile, too.

Perks of the job

There’s more to loving what you do than a good salary and a (very) good coffee machine... But it doesn’t hurt

Distributed work culture
  • Work in the environment that you do BEST: office or home.
  • Talented people don’t need to be managed.
  • Spend more time with your family instead of strangers on the highway.
  • We host an annual company-wide Vanilla™ Summit in Miami. That is the only time will we ask you to put your clothes on and show up to work. Watch the video on our Vanilla™ channel.
  • Annual Virtual Reality Vanilla™ Summit hosted in a private Vanilla™ Metaverse space (VR sets provided)
  • Less stress.
Strong Base and Top Total Compensations
  • You never have to ask for a raise. We constantly monitor the market and evaluate talent to make sure everyone fairly compensated.
  • Bi-Yearly Reviews to provide constant feedback.
  • Promote within culture.
Financial Protection Benefits
  • We help people to protect their financial assets by helping to navigate confusing world of insurance. That is why we cover 100% of your health, dental, vision, and life insurance costs.
Other Perks
  • Education Credit.
  • Team building events (outside of Covid).

Open positions

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